„Improving Patient Outcomes“ Case- conference with Paul Herscu

„Improving Patient Outcomes“ Case- conference with Paul Herscu

Datum - 30.09.2023 - 03.10.2023

Green City Hotel, Freiburg

Paula- Modersohn- Platz 5
79100 Freiburg


Themen und Beschreibung

In this case conference we explore remedies that are very similar to our polychrests, differentiating them from each other. So, in the clinical setting, we have more remedies at our fingertips including wonderful effective medicines that are often overlooked.

We also explore specific and essential rubrics of the repertory, using differential materia medica, to describe how people who need remedies in these rubrics actually present in practice. Our brains maintain a dynamic tension of either grouping or fragmenting information we perceive from our patients or information we learn in the materia medica. This unconscious skill helps us with patient care. In this class, using patient interviews, we will work to make this process more conscious which improves the outcomes of our patients.

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